Richard Campbell, Co-Founder and Vice President Emeritus

Richard is a painter and film/video artist with a hunger for everything Cinema. Working many years at the Ritz Theatres under Ray Posel greatly expanded his knowledge of world cinema and the creative potential of film projection and exhibition.

Maggie Rybak, Director of Special Events and Promotions

Maggie is a passionate lover of all things film. She began her career at the Ritz at the Bourse in 1997 and quickly moved into management. Maggie feels her education in theatre operations and 35mm and digital projection is never completed as she wants to give our patrons the best movie going experience possible and strives to find new ways to accomplish this.

Alison Silverman, Co-Founder and President

Alison has been a general manager and projectionist of movie theatres since 1983. Having run everything from quaint neighborhood theatres to large multiplexes and both for profit and non profit theatres during her career, she has made it a passion to provide excellence in the movie going experience. The highlight of her management in theatres was her 10 years spent as the Assistant Director of Operations of the Ritz Theatre Group under the tutelage of Jay Ayrton, Director of Operations and Ray Posel the founder of the Ritz Theatre Group. A graduate of Temple University's film program with a minor in art/art history, Alison began sharing her love of motion pictures prior to college by running film history and discussion programs in local schools.

Anna Cherniahivsky, Education Programs Coordinator

Anna is an artist, an educator and a curator.

She has run art programs and projects ranging from Analog Photography workshops for tweens to Brion Gysin painting methods for toddlers. She loves to facilitate artists getting their work shown in interesting settings and striking ways and creating happenings. She has curated shows and installations at AS220 in Providence RI, in Philadelphia at Jed Williams Gallery, Lemon Hill Mansion and Mount Pleasant, which is administered by the PMA. She works in many mediums; drawing, painting, collage, film/video, puppets, mask-making and production design. She is currently exploring ways to intersect and combine these modes in her work. Some of her obsessions include; sound, architecture and biology both worldly and fantastical.

She is also a founding member of the band HORSEY.

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