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Tuesday, September 19th, 8pm at Tattooed Mom

George A.Romero's

Martin (1977)

Corporate Presentations

There isn't a better way to reward your employees than with a party and a movie. 

Planning a corporate presentation but your business or group doesn't have the needed equipment? We can handle all your needs from digital projectors, various sized large screens, wireless microphones to lecterns and coffee urns. We also can supply snacks and beverages. Our team will show up early for your event set up our equipment to your specifications, test run your presentation, run the equipment and clean up after your presentation.

Want to bring the magic of movies to your next party, celebration or event? We can run movies indoors or outdoors for audiences from one to hundreds. You choose the film, we supply professional movie theatre grade equipment.We also offer fresh popcorn and snacks ranging from domestic favorites to imported gourmet treats. All at an extremely reasonable price.

Cinema Ray is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charity that specializes in bringing the magic of movies to audiences at a variety of venues in the Philadelphia/surrounding counties/New Jersey region and beyond. Our presentations range from family friendly classics, repertory favorites and obscure cinema to edgy grindhouse/cult.

Educational Programming


Charity Screenings

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Whether you are looking for a full seminar series or a one time screening complete with moderators and instructors for your school, senior group or club, we can bring it to you or hold it in our screening facility.

Cinema Ray Movie Screenings

Business Parties

Looking for an innovative way for your charity to raise funds? We can supply all your equipment needs and the skilled team to run your screening.